Reconstruction Plan 2017 And Current Situation

The zoning amnesty, which provides for the formalization of illegal buildings that are not built according to the zoning regulations or the additionally constructed units that are built afterwards illegally, comes out in 2017. Thus, the rights holders in these types of illegal settlements can take steps to own the title by citing the law. This new arrangement, which is expected to take place soon, includes the construction rights of the people who have carried out illegal construction such as housing, business on the state treasury between 31/12/2000 and 19/07/2003.


Law 2981 on reconstruction is a law which prepares the treatments to be applied to all the buildings that are produced or produced in contradiction with the zoning and slum laws. This law aims to solve the property problems of citizens in illegal settlements. The public name of these laws, which had been issued before, is known as "zoning forgiveness".


All or part of the illegal and unauthorized coal enstruction of all restate is in the framework of zoning forgiveness. Due to the inconsistency between the dates of coverage of the legislation in force and the date of enactment of the legislation, the amnesty presented for the parliament is intended to grant the property rights of citizens suffering victims between 31/12/2000 and 19/07/2003.


Citizens who have carried out illegal immigration on the territory where the state treasury has been accepted on the dates specified in the law must wait for the publication of the law in order to receive the title deed rights. After the law is published, the process of acquiring property rights can be initiated by applying individually to the municipality to which the construction depends.

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