Real Estate Sector Meets On May 10!

Countdown started for the real estate meeting which will be held for the fifteenth time this year by GYODER (the association of real estate investment companies). The meeting which feels the pulse of turkey’s real estate sector and becomes an important event will be held at Raffles Hotel İstanbul with the “işimiz meTRekare (our work is square meter)” theme on May 10 2016.

This meeting has been held by GYODER since 2000 and it is evaluated as the most important real estate organization. Real estate meeting is preparing to bring the real estate leaders together under the same roof for the fifteenth time. The meeting which sets the agenda for real estate sector will be the best organization for this year with its rich content and attendance of specialists.

Real estate meeting which has been felt the pulse of turkey’s real estate for 15 year and became an international brand name lately presents a pleased program with its broad perspective and information load. Subject headings that concern the sector closely are ”Real estate sector in turkey from foreign investor’s eye” ,” new financing model for real estate: real estate investment fond”, “relation of square meter and new generation”,” what do the numbers tell us?”,” development of square meter and management of it” and these headings will be discussed at the meeting.

Just like every year they do, GYODER which brings many topics related to real estate sector to the meeting will host many important people in their field whether they are native or foreign. While minister of environment and urbanization Fatma Güldemet is invited for the opening speeches of the meeting, minister of istanbul metropolitan municipality Kadir Topbaş will start the meeting afternoon. Many important real estate companies, sector agents, public authorities and specialties will come together at the meeting. Plus, famous journalist Emin Çapa is going to share his valuable opinions and comments. The most interesting and remarkable name of the meeting will be author Metin Hara with his speech themed ”are you aware of”

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