Real Estate Is In Every Period A Profitable Investment Tool

Real estate is in every period a profitable investment tool

Real estate is in every market situation almost the only one instrument which is profitable among other investments like gold or deposit they show depending on the changeable situation on the market stock a profitable or decreased profit acceleration.

1 million and 289 thousand people were last year added to the list of real estate owners while Istanbul became the city where the most property was bought.Dr. Gokhan Tas the Coldwell Banker President of Turkey says that the sector gets bigger and bigger without slowing down and foresees for a 1,5 million total sales in real estate.Real estate continues to be the most stability tool because of its no damage and adds value as time passes by.The data’s of the Turkish Statistical Institution shows us that in 2015 were over 1 million real estates bought.Despite the short recession before the political elections the real estate sector has completed the last year with increase and 1,5 million total sales are expected for this year.


The interest rate cut will develop faster a growth in the sector

The sector had last year a 10 percent growth and 20 percent price increase.Although the interest rates were in a level like 1,20, the growth still happened last year underlines Dr. Gokhan Tas.He says that if the interests get dropped down to a level like 0,75-85 this will bring a positive effect to real estate sector.In this way the ongoing cash market turns into a credit system and brings up a seriously total sales increase which will make real estate a more attractive investment tool.According to the Central Bank housing price index and data of Housing Price Indexes got 17,5 increased than the last year.He is expecting a real estate sale close to 1,5 million at the end of 2016.


Which districts of Istanbul are more profitable?

Close places to the bridges or places on coastline, central districts ensure a higher rent rate. Esenyurt and Beylikduzu are neighbourhoods which have sufficient housing projects are places that outshine for middle class and for those with lower income.Projects with brands brings a huge prestige for the districts and the districts become as a central interest for those who want to buy houses.


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