Real Estate Housing Announced The Value Of Umraniye Parcels

The Istanbul Financial Center and the subway line planned to be in operation until the end of the year.It has become one of the most popular districts of Istanbul. The price of the houses for sale in Ümraniye is approximately 22% In 3 years it increased by 59 percent. 2 + 1’re replacement ıncrease In particular, the average square meter price of 2 + 1 apartments is 3 thousand 544 pounds, the average square meter prices of such apartments rose by 68 percent. In Ümraniye, the increase in the square meter prices reflected in the rental apartments. According to sahibindex Real Estate Index, the price of square meters of rented apartments increased by 78 percent in 3 years.

By the way The Real Estate  has announced the value of 4 units in Ümraniye Küçükbakkalköy. The Real Estate  has published the Real Estate Appraisal Report for the year 2005, which is prepared for the parcels located within the boundaries of İstanbul İli, Ümraniye District, Küçükbakkakköy.

The total value of 4 parcels excluding VAT was 27 million 736 thousand TL and the total value including VAT was 32 million 728 thousand TL.

3317 island 20 and 21 parcels are located in north-west of Istanbul Finance Center, 3317 island 22 parcels are located in north-east of Istanbul Finance Center and 3328 arelands and 15 parcels are located in south-east of Istanbul Finance Center.

3317 island 20 parcel 2 thousand square nursery area, 3317 island 21 parcel 8 thousand 75 square meters primary education facility area, 3317 island 22 parseş 8 thousand 673 square meters official institution area, 3328 island 15 parcel is 2 thousand 652 square meters religious facility area.

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