Real Estate And Expropriation Directorate Has Been Transferred

The real estate world continues to grow in Turkey as well as in the whole world. New regulations made with this growth effect have a positive effect on human life and it is possible to carry out easier turn over operations. At this point, many districts of Istanbul and Turkey are carrying out urban planning and arrangements that reveal new residential areas. In the Eyüp district, which is one of the most important district of Istanbul with the work was done, the expropriation procedures are now removed from the responsibility of the municipality. Just considering the time wasted to do these operations will be an extraordinary relief. In fact, there are different departments in Turkey which are officially continuing their expropriation and real estate studies.


Plan and project directorate of construction and urban planning directorate will be taken for the duties of real estate and expropriation directorate which are closed in line with new decisions taken by Eyüp municipal assembly. In this regard, two departments will reduce the intensity of this area. The two departments which have very high urbanization experience and zoning ability have accepted the task delivery in many regions of Turkey. According to article 15, 16, 17 of Law no. 3194, parcel consolidation and parcel division operations can be completed shortly. These processes, which are very long in the old system, can now be completed in a very short time with the power of online systems and trained professional teams.

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