Prices Will Rise Building Kadikoy

Keller Williams Street Regional Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul with the council’s decision to evaluate the building was brought to Kadikoy limit 15 times. floor limit of the law will be valid in all regions except the Fikirtepe will lead to price increases in Kadikoy.

Urban transformation work coat brought to Kadikoy district from the beginning of the most intense pave the limit price increases, though partly in the county.

Specialist of many years, Keller Williams Street Consultant Civil Engineer Zafer Köksal, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly receives 15 times the limit of which indicates that the positive and negative aspects; ‘More than the height of the region and in terms of the rights of the grievance that can be experienced 12-13-storey buildings which require renovation urban transformation I believe that it is an issue that needs to be thought through again. Renovation of high-rise buildings that already exist and earthquake risk, it becomes almost impossible with this decision. Close to 15 times higher or hundreds of buildings will be abandoned to their fate or renovated building floor area of ​​urban transformation will be extensive. This leads to the emergence of goodwill will pave the difference between the circle and have experienced problems in the floor. Consider the other side of the coast in terms of damage to the skyline of the city as a decision brought over the floor are limitations, but revised and these details will go to urban regeneration high-rise that you need to find a solution to eliminate the victimization of existing buildings, I think.’

The floor of the limitations brought attention to the region decision upset Zafer Koksal also has many projects; “This decision is in cooperation that we find the right project developers in terms of urban aesthetics and support. But on the other hand, contractors who want to renew high-rise buildings are having great difficulties against this decision. We received opinions that they were nervous in the bidding contractors. Using the entire floor area of buildings is not adequate to solve the problem that may arise.”


Fikirtepe, will be excluded from the scope of the limitation coat of Kadıköy district has the distinction of being the only zone. It emphasized that the region has a separate concept Zafer Koksal; ‘Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly have taken the case of zoning regulations before this decision was made. Within this framework it was organized into small parcels by combining large island -based plots. Especially in a very attractive place for domestic and foreign investors in recent years. Proximity to the town center and public transport networks, the existence of wide green areas and sports fields where projects are even more attractive. “He said.

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