Places Where The Most Profitable Cottage Investment Can Be Made?

Istanbul, power continues to grow and increase its value. However, Istanbul’s intense traffic and crowds push people to search for a cottage close to Istanbul. Where is the nearest and most suitable cottage to Istanbul?


Silivri And Sile

Although Istanbul is known for its traffic, concentration and intensity, some regions are still in summer tastes. Sile and Silivri are two different districts of the city. 20 percent of the total housing in Silivri, 37 percent of the total housing in Sile cottage category. After these two provinces Büyükçekmece comes with a rate of 4 percent. When we look at the distribution of number of summer houses in Silivri, it is seen that the neighborhood of Semizkumlar has the maximum number of summer houses.

The Most Profitable Cottage Investment Near Istanbul

Sile is one of the first settlements that come to mind as to the location of Istanbul’s summer resort. The population of the summer almost doubled Sile, Istanbul holiday, taking the opportunity to address the short holiday. Sile Istanbul is the least number of total houses and at the same time it has the highest rate of summer residence. While all the neighborhoods of the province have summer houses, the most summer houses are located in Balibey Quarter which is the nearest neighborhood.

According to neighborhoods in Sile, the unit of square meters of summer houses vary between 1,300 and 5,000 liras. When we look at the unit square meters, it is seen that the highest summer unit square meter values ​​are in Kumbaba Quarter.

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