People’s Preferences To Purchase Houses Are 3+1 Ones

The people consider about some criterions such as their expectations, their savings before choice of a house. What kind of house is the most preferable house to buy before this month? How payments are generated? REIDIN explains people’s demands on March in 2017.

Demands to 1+1 Flats Reduced

The most preferable house kind has been 3+1 houses. Before this month, statistics depicted that 1+1 houses were the most preferable ones, yet demands to 1+1 houses reduced with the rate of 0.51. Demands to 2+1 houses increased with the rate of 0.40.Besides, demands for 3+1 houses increased with the rate of 0.51, whereas demands for 4+1 houses went further with the rate of 0.33. When the data is searched on the previous month, the demands for 1+1 houses were on rise.


Indented Sells Of Houses Decreased

When it is demanded to purchase a house, the options of payment are considered at first. The most preferable option of payment is housing credit in Turkey. That’s to say, people prefer to buy a house by means of housing credits in Turkey. Then, what kind of option for the payment has been preferred in the month of March in 2017?

The most preferable way for payment has been to pay down with amount of 36% in March. Namely, 36% of people prefer the choice to pay down, while the choice of housing credit is utilized with the rate of 33%. However, the rate of the usage of commercial paper is 31%.

As far as the data in January is concerned, rate of the way to pay down is 37%, whereas in February this rate was 29%. Housing credits’ rates were 27% in January and 48% in February. Commercial papers’ rates were 36% in January, while this rate was 24% in February.

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