People In Istanbul Will Drink Sea Water

Istanbul Metropolitian Municipality (IMM) started a project of getting potable water from sea water.  Environmental affection analysis has been started for Terkos Desalination Plant which costed 600 million TL and Deep Sea Discharge project. It is expected that sea waters will be transmitted into drinking water via the project that is to be found on a 160 thousand square meters. In the project, there will be a desalination system and a reverse osmosis water purification unit.

Thanks to this project, solutions will be pumped with high pressure so the salt and other filthy things will be kept which will provide purified water to drink. There will be 400 thousand cubic meters of sea water from which there will be 200 thousand cubic meters of potable water to reach to drinking water mains. The other 200 thousand cubic meters of water will be poured into the Black Sea with the help of Deep Discharge method.

The project which is expressed to cost 600 million Tl will be founded on area 1,5 kilometer far to Terkos lake, and 900 m to Durugöl stream. After the approval getting from EAA (environment affection analysis) the project will be completed in 180 working days with 200 workers. There will be water taking points which is 15 meter deep and located to the project area 1650 meter far from the coast. A central system will be founded on an area 250 meters far to water taking point for the waste water transfer to the Black Sea.


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