Zero Energy and Passive House Association (SEPEV) Chairman Tuğba Salman Gurcan stated that the "Energy Efficient Passive House" developed by the association provides energy savings of nearly 90 percent in heating and cooling compared to other houses.


Gurcan has evaluated the project at the opening of the passive house in the town of Etimesgut in Ankara. Gurcan said that it was built by expert architects and engineers in the passive house area and said that the total size of the house is 250 square meters. Gurcan has used solar and air-based environmental systems for heating and cooling the house independently of the natural gas.

Pointing out that the passive house is much more advantageous in energy consumption compared to normal houses, Gurcan said:

"Passive houses are designed to be energy efficient with nearly 90 percent of heating and cooling energy consumption compared to today's houses, and the climate, safety and lighting of the house can be controlled remotely by intelligent home systems.As SEPEV, we started working with a dream to spend a sample project life in the summer of 2016. It has a traditional cooperative structure built on a long-term business calendar with a bitter face of building stock, bad materials and manufacturing. Our goal is to turn this house into a model house, run by independent zero energy from the network as much as possible with high insulation and environmental technology. We aim to demonstrate how homes with energy efficiency and architecture and technology should be as well as to prove possible a sustainable lifestyle without breaking away from big city life. "


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