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Transportation is one of the basic needs of man. The population of Istanbul is increasing day by day. As a result, transportation difficulties arise. These problems are not being solved with new studies. The last work done was a metrobus study. Metrobuses designed for people to travel faster were offered. People started to prefer metrobuses because they stopped and stopped at many downturns.


What is Metrobus?

Istanbul Metropolitan Electricity Tramway Tunnel Operator started to operate in Topkapı-Avcilar line for the first time. Construction began in early 2007. The line length is 18.3 kilometers. It was completed in as short as eight months. Everyone waited curiously. It opened on September 17, 2007. It shortened the distance between Topkapı-Avcılar, which was taken 67 minutes ago. It only went down in 22 minutes. The second stage of Metrobus, Zincirlikuyu foot, was put into service on 8 September 2008 and presented to the public. The number of stops increased to 25 with the completion of the line in as short as 77 days. Metrobus lines are preferred with new stops added.

Number of People Using Almost 1 Million

Metrobus used on a daily basis continues to amaze. It uses 700-800 thousand people a day. Metrobus carrying almost 1 million passengers is preferred by everyone. Fees are also quite low. Metrobus fees vary between 1.95 Turkish liras and 4 Turkish liras. The price is cheap. The distances are taken quickly. As a result everyone preferred. People are so preffered by this. It is very cheap.

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