Osman Gazi Bridge Will Be Ready By Ramadan!

The project ‘Gulf of Izmıt Bridge’, which is an important part of Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir motorway project, which will decrease the time distance of Istanbul-Izmir driveway down to 3,5 hours, is coming to an end.

After placing the bridge floors, surface of the bridge is being covered with special anticorrosion isolation dyes before bituminization. Speed limit has been determined as 10 mph for caterpillars, worker services, material trucks in intense traffic during endeavoured work upon the bridge. Also the speed limit for every car in this bridge, which will be opened before Ramadan, will be 120 mph. On the other hand, the construction of service area, including restaurants and stores which will be located in the other end in Gebze side, is continuing at full speed.

The Bridge is Being Painted with Special Isolation Dyes

Endeavoured work is going on for Gulf of Izmit Bridge, after the placement of the last bridge floor with a big celebration. After placing and welding, bridge floors are covered with special isolation dyes. During this process, surface of the floors are cleansed from mildew formed until now by sandblasting technique. Then they are painted five times by using dyes with different features in order to avoid future rusting. After these operations throughout the bridge, there will be a bituminization process. Special containers have been brought to the bridge area for 24 hours nonstop working builders’ mealtime. Also portable toilet caravans have been placed onto bridge.

Intense Traffic Has Occured Before Opening

An intense traffic has occured on the bridge during work. The speed limit on the bridge has been determined as 10 mph for now. This limit is for worker servies, material trucks, caterpillars, forklifts and cranes. After operations, the normal speed limit for every car will be maximum 120 mph.

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