One Percent Of Agricultural Land Of Turkey Is Offered For A Sale

Despite all the precautions taken while Turkey continues to lose its fertile agricultural land every day, 1 percent of total agricultural land in our country has been offered for sale.


Despite all the precautions taken while Turkey continues to lose its livelihoods, 1 percent of the total agricultural land in our country is offered for sale. Considering the retrospective 15-year time horizon, Turkey lost 2 million and 50 thousand decares of agricultural land. These areas were exposed and concreted.


Unplanned Urbanization Attacks Agricultural Land

In spite of all the precautions taken while the urban transformation projects have gained a great impetus in recent years, unplanned urbanization has been spreading in some regions and it has been affecting most agricultural land. Despite the measures taken, agricultural land continues to be sold, but Yalova is the province where agricultural land is sold out the most. Within a 5-year period, Yalova suffered a total loss of agricultural land by 30 percent. While the loss in Yalova was reaching large dimensions, this province followed such as Istanbul, Izmir, Kocaeli and Bursa. Again in Çanakkale and Bursa, agricultural areas are among our illicitly melting crops.


Agricultural Centers Should Be Protected

In Mersin, which is one of the most important agricultural regions of Turkey, 90 thousand decares of farmland have been lost in 15 years time period and this loss in Adana has been recorded as 200 thousand decares. In Hatay 60 thousand decares of agricultural land has been lost.


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