New Technology About Real Estate Sales

New Technology About Real Estate Sales

One of the most frequent question about real estate sales is the price of real estate. Sometimes the price is high and buyers do not prefer that real estate or sometimes although the price is fair, owners of the real estate can not reach the right buyers.

With the evolution of internet technology, real estate sales would depend on internet like other sectors. Buyers and sellers get together on internet and that is the first step of real estate sales. However, can all steps of real estate sales be made on internet? In other words, is technology about real estate sales sufficient at all steps?

Pratis, which is a corporate online purchasing platform enhanced by BimSa, can realize real estate sales. With this application, all properties of real estate are saved into the system and potential buyers can evaluate the properties and price. If they want to bid to that real estate, they can bid like an auction.

This application has a user friendly interface and moreover, sellers enter all the infotmation of real estate such as photos, map features, property list and so on. Thus, potential buyers can have a command on these real estates. Buyers can enter the criterias of real estate which they want and then they can bid to the real estates which they want.


For bidding the real estate, establishing an account on platform is necessary. Then, some warrants such as warranty letter is necessary. Now, potential buyers are ready to buy the real estate. They bid fort he real estate and they can buy it unless a higher bid is realized.

This new technology about real estate sales will bring a lot of advantages. It will make free the sales from place and buyers can bid all the real estates on platform wherever they are in.

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