New Restructuring İs Expected İn Urban Transformation!

While the Marmara earthquake on August 17, 1999, which caused massive loss of life and property, continues to work to reduce the risk of building stocks, construction sector representatives in the meantime are looking for a new structure in urban transformation. Feyzullah Yetgin, Chairman of the Board of Real Estate Investment Trust (GYODER), said, "Despite all the arrangements and structures, we can still say that we are not fully prepared for the earthquake."



"The government plans to allocate 75 billion liras in five years to the sector from abroad and from Iller Bank in the first place." Ferdi Erdoğan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Construction Material Industry Association (İMSAD), emphasized that construction should be done for at least 100 years, urban architecture should be shaped with this approach and should not be changed frequently. Mithat Yenigün, Head of the Turkish Contractors' Association, emphasized that earthquake-driven urban transformation is an indispensable necessity.

Özyurtlar Holding Chairman Tamer Özyurt said "It is important that the risky buildings should be built and constructed in accordance with earthquake regulations so that the work should be carried out much more quickly and it is important for the citizens to be conscious about this issue. it is of great importance, "he said. Özyurt also underlined that there must be mobilization in urban transformation.


Nazmi Durbakayım, Chairman of the Istanbul Building Association (İNDER) said, "Regulations and laws prepared to lift the risk of earthquake and skewed construction are unfortunately not available in the desired scale. Unfortunately, at least half of the 20 million housing stocks in Turkey need to be rebuilt ".

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