New Regulations on Undocumented Masters

New Regulations on Undocumented Masters

Safety and durability of a construction is one of the crucial topics while constructing a building. It is desirable to provide the most contemporary safety services in the construction market today. In this aspect professionals should deliver customized and flexible safety services in order to protect both employees and reduce loses, insurance costs and also your reputation. IZODER President Ertuğrul Şen stated that In Turkey the professions are being redefined these days. He added that ‘from May 26, 2016 undocumented masters will not work anymore in the construction sector and also the organizations which operate personnel without certificate will be fined. Masters who don’t have their certificate should register to have one as soon as possible.’


Undocumented masters will not work anymore. Vocational Qualification Certificate was made compulsory for all the workers and it is an important step for the development of the sector. With the amendment of the law 40 professions are designated as hazardous and dangerous. For this reason for people who work in one of these jobs Qualification Certificate has become mandatory. According to the notification of Labour and Social Security Ministry after 25 May 2015  the certification process has started and after 26 May 2016 masters who don’t have the necessary documents will not work in this sector anymore. If the masters get the certificate after the exams, they will have a valid certificate in Europe, too.


Undocumented masters will not work anymore. If the employers ignore this regulation and go on working undocumented masters they will be fined for the undocumented staff. Meanwhile this certificate is not necessary for the people who graduated from the education units on the subject from the universities. In additions the certificate programs prepared by Ministry of Education time to time are not considered in this context.

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