DISK: New Minimum Wage is Under Starvation Limit

Revolutionist Worker Unions Confederation (Devrimci İşçi Sendikaları Konfederasyonu – DİSK) General Secretary Kani Beko warned that the new subsistence wage is under the starvation limit and with the deductions the net amount will be 1200 TL.


In the statement delivered by Beko representing DISK Governing Body was said that the increase of Subsistence Wage is a hoax. He pointed out that 104 TL which is the total amount of increase will be spent on Individual Pension System (Bireysel Emeklilik Sistemi – BES) and due to the tax bracket subsistence wage will be decreased to 1200 excluding the subsistence allowance.




Government Ignored the Data


Beko added that the new salary will be `melting` with the inflation rate experienced in 2017 and added: “This increase means the subsistence living level will be kept under the starvation limit. This amount of raise contradicts with the government’s own data. The data provided by TUIK to the subsistence wage determination committee states that the subsistence living cost is 1669 TL. The Government did not take a state institute’s opinion under consideration as well as workers and unions demands.


Not Subsistence but Starvation Wage


Beko pointed out that the new subsistence wage has become `the starvation wage` and added: “Subsistence wage should be the living coast. The subsistence wage should be calculated considering the employee’s family. The subsistence wage should be excluded from tax and should be paid excluded from deductions.”


It also has been expressed that “when it comes to workers, they never get their share of the economy. When it comes to workers, they say ‘economy will bankrupt, nations economic balance will be broken’ statements are delivered.”


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