New Favourite Region Of Arabians – Beylikdüzü

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to data made to foreign home sales increased 70.9 percent compared to the same month of the previous year was 2 677 thousand. In October 2017, Istanbul received the first order with a sales of 321 houses. With the sale of 465 houses in Istanbul respectively, Antalya with 121 sales, Bursa with 108 sales, Yalova with 93 houses and Aydın with sales. In Istanbul, the housing project, which can respond to the demands of foreigners, is dominated by the family


From different nationalities, Saudi Arabian citizens made the most sales. In October, the Arabians bought 528 houses, followed by 344 Iraqi citizens, 278 houses and Azerbaijan and 154 houses and Kuwait citizens. Beylikdüzü province was the spot of Arabians who evaluated Istanbul's fast developing places as investment opportunities. Celal Yüksekdag, founding partner of Yüksekdag Real Estate, said that the feasibility of the feasibility that we have made especially in the vicinity of Beylikdüzü is that family-oriented houses are needed and that the households in 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 housing types preferred by the Evim Yüksekdağ project we have designed it as a concept. " Yüksekdağ Houses located in Beylikdüzü are offered with 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 options. The project, which consists of a total of 363 houses, ranges from 297 thousand to 530 thousand TL. Seventy percent of the Evim Yüksekdağ project was divided into landscaping and children's playgrounds.

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