New Favorite Of Property Investors

Torbali district of Izmir became more profitable for İZBAN, also known as city commuter trains, an increase in exports was noted in the region, and the flow of investment in real estate was sent to this region.

Ali Hakan Karahalil, general manager of a real estate investment and construction consulting company, noted that the Torbali region is beneficial for investments with its population density, wide transportation opportunities and proximity to industrial regions.

Karahalil said that they preferred Torbali for investment and made major investments in land. Over the past 1.5 years, they bought 750 units of land in the region, which will be used to implement various projects of the company.


As a company, Ali Hakan Karahalil stated that they have implemented many land investment projects in the provinces for the last 6 years. He also noted that the company is already engaged in investment projects in the Torbali area, which they began to build in October 2015.

Karahalil reminded that although the company had many alternative regions in its plans, the decision to implement new projects was made in favor of the Pankar-Yazbashi and Kushchuburun districts in the districts of Torbali. Karahalil said: “The reason for this is that this region needs long-term investments in land and buildings. Due to the fact that the region is developing very fast, it needs housing, high-quality roads, convenient access to the city center and neighboring areas, and access to the airport. Proceeding from this, we preferred to implement our project and invest in the Torbalı region, “he said.


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