New Building Law Will Be Ready in 2017!

Minister of environment and urbanization, Fatma Güldemet Sarı pressed the button for the rearrangements which Real Estate Sector was waiting in hope. She said that “we are still working on urban transformation, building law and metropolis law under the control of the ministry of interior and current market values with the Finance Ministry.” She also stated that they are dealing with the problems of sector closely which is seen as locomotive of economy and they are going to make rearrangements on building law until the beginning of 2017.

She also said “In the period before me it is already been worked on this topic and we are just looking it over again.” Sarı also emphasized that “Field measurement in building bylaws can be interpreted differently by every single municipality and we are going to prevent unfair competition by standardizing this calculations.

Sarı who said they are going to tell all the works with schematic if needed “ for instance while a municipality counts inside of a wall for calculating field measurements the other one may count outside of the wall and another one can measure the field in the middle of the wall. If you gain 2 square meters in a flat that means you can gain 20 square meters in a building which has 40 flats. These calculations shouldn’t be so varied. They should be standardized with tangible values.” Sarı also stated that “We have a study on real estate certificates and with this, our purpose is to keep real estate sector from under counter image.”

Sarı also stated that thanks to urban transformation, irregular urbanization is going to disappear. Instead of constructions that threat people’s security of life and property, we are going to build secure buildings. But in the last period, parcel sourced transformation gained importance ad can’t solve problem as a whole.

She expressed her thoughts “Parcel sourced transformation is not what we want. We need to pass to island sourced transformation from parcel sourced transformation. It can be needed; the building can be old but doesn’t give what we want if we look holistically.

Call Private Sector for Southeast

Minister Sarı called private sector for the reconstruction west and southwest regions of Turkey that had been destructed because of the conflict that happened. She said “TOKİ is working on reserve areas which are out of Sur. For urban transformation in Sur or at the regions that conflict ended I personally invite private sector to reconstruct. We can achieve this with the government but we should show that Turkey is in unity. If you put a stone over a stone, at least we can understand that we are not separate.”

Sarı stated that they had a talk with the right owners for the reconstruct process in Sur, Silopi, İdil, Nusaybin, Yüksekova and Centre of Şırnak which are affected from operations. She also said that they are going to do in-situ transformation. Besides they conduct a survey to be able to know what people think about urban transformation and the results are positive. Common people accept transformation in these regions.

Fikirtepe Platform Is Going To Ankara

Minister sarı stated that she couldn’t have a chance to give a visit to Fikirtepe and called it to Ankara. Sarı went her words “We are going to do our best to pave the way for Fikirtepe and Sultanbeyli projects. There are builders of ours who started to work in Fikirtepe. There are a few places which they can’t move further. Common people want to have state guarantee. We as Ministry are going to be there to say government is there and relieve anxiety.”

She also shared some information about Okmeydanı transformation in İstanbul and said “Okmeydanı consists of 24.000 of units. There are 5.585 buildings. It is going to be a transformation which concerns 24.000 families. Protected areas are going to be avoided. It is going to be a work which is done with the cooperation of private sector, municipality and ministry.”

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