Net Direct İnvestment İnflow To Turkey İncreased

The net international direct investment inflow to Turkey in the January-April period that increases 2 percent compared to the same period last year was $ 3.6 billion.

The Ministry of Economy published the "Bulletin of International Direct Investments" for April 2017. Accordingly, the international net foreign direct investment inflow of 765 million dollars was realized.


In the January-April period, the figure was $ 3.6 billion by increasing 2 percent when it is compared to the same period of last year. While a $ 468 million capital inflow was done, $ 352 million of the cash inflows came from the European Union (EU) countries.


Number Of Companies With İnternational Capital

In the mentioned month, 442 international companies and branches were established in the month and 18 domestic companies participated in international capital participation.

While 1,782 companies and branches with international capital were established in January-April period, 67 domestic companies also participated. A total of these 1.849 companies with international capital serve in the wholesale and retail trade sector, real estate leasing and business activities and construction sectors. In the same period, 44 international companies’ capital of over US $ 500,000, branch organization and foreign partnership took place. 18 of these companies served in wholesale and retail trade.


According to the figures, by the end of April, the number of companies and branches with international capital in Turkey reached 48,244. 6,748 domestic capital companies participated in international capital participation. Thus, a total of 54,992 internationally funded companies were operating.


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