Minister Eroğlu: We Will Invest 21 Billion Turkish Liras to Marmara

We Will Make a Lot of İnvestment

According to the statement of Eroğlu who is the Minister of forestry and water affairs, till 2019 they will make an investment of 21 billion Turkish Liras including barrages, pond and national parks. He declared this project when he comes to a fast breaking meal at Sakarya, Adapazarı. He also mentioned in a detail way that the project was formed of 14 barrages and pond and nine of the barrages was in process of construction. We also have plans of doing irrigation facilities nearly about 20 and we already finished 4 of them and 12 of them is still in the process of construction.


He Had Visited the Governor of Sakarya

At his arrival to Sakarya he first visited Hüseyin Avni Coş who is the governor of Sakarya. He talked about the Marmara project. He also said that Sakarya is really different for us, it has a space apart, and for that each of our arrival we came with a good tiding.

Now There Is Any Problem but It Can Be in the Future

For now Sakarya does not have any problem in terms of water, they have Sapanca but as an added precaution our government had decided to construct a backup fund. The most important construction in this area is Ballıkaya Barrage. The construction of it is rapidly progressing. The aim of constructing this barrage is for not having any kind of problem in terms of water till 2071.



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