Metro Works Have Affected Kabatas-Findikli Area Negatively

One of the most precious coastal regions of Istanbul, Kabatas-Findikli Area is home to, notably banks and insurance companies, a lot of institutions and organizations.

Altın Real Estate’s CEO Hakan Erilkun, who has made a regional study, states that the rental fee of offices and sale prices are stable for the last year and the market is a bit quiet.

Erilkun relates the stagnation in the area to the closed places because of metro works for Kabataş-Mahmutbey metro line and commercial real estate demands which has tended to other areas. Erilkun, who states that those especially who do e-commerce business do not prefer being in central location, says that these people prefer minimum size well-equipped offices located in project areas such as Kagithane.

Erilkun, who says that business organisation’s interest in the area is gone when metro works has joined the existing problems such as traffic and parking area problems, states that they choose areas in which they can find multiattributed offices in more affordable prices compared to the prices.

Either rental fees or sale prices are really high in Kabataş and Fındıklı areas. However, it is easy to find much more attributed offices which have all the social reinforcements in cheaper prices in areas such as Kağıthane.

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