Mehmet Aydin’s Childhood Dream

A businessman from Bitlis, Mehmet Aydin is providing employment for 100 employees in his home town.

Aydin runs a textile factory in Istanbul for 23 years but 7 months ago he started one other workshop in Bitlis and this workshops products are both in international and domestic market right now.


Businessman Mehmet Aydin is very happy about developing new job opportunuties for Bitlis. He says: “I was dreaming about making an investment to my home town since I was a little boy. After I set things right with the factory in Istanbul, I opened the workshop here. People told me -Don’t do it, you will have a loss- but I insisted and now I am glad that I have started this workshop. Bitlis is very far away from Istanbul. We had our concerns about building a crew here. But job applications says otherwise. We hired them and our experienced employees from Istanbul, trained them in no time. We are very happy about the process”.

Aydin is trying to be positive-selective in hiring process. He is trying to hire the girls who has no chance to leave Bitlis.

One of the textile workshop employee, Mecbure Ceylan is working with her sister in the workshop. They both are providing an extra income for their 11 membered family. She says: “We are learning a craft here and also we can provide for our family and ourselves”.

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