Made Of The Extraction Imsiad Construction Fair

IMSİAD continues to visit national and international fairs. IMSİAD followed up important fairs related to the construction and real estate sectors in situ, and finally made the 40th Building Fair in Istanbul. IMSIAD member businessmen followed up the latest products, services and technologies at FUARD and discovered new export and investment potentials in new markets. Businessmen from IMSIAD who have made contact with business people from many countries of the world, especially the Balkans, Russia, Middle East and North Africa, have had the opportunity to examine new business and cooperation opportunities.


The Bursa contractors and industrialists, who have watched thousands of buildings and decoration materials and signed many bilateral business negotiations, have had the opportunity to establish contacts with industry leaders and professionals while communicating with the company owners. IMSİAD member businessmen who expressed their satisfaction with 40th Building Fair have expressed that they will continue to follow national and international fairs by emphasizing that they have done important works in Bursa in recent years about exhibition.


In addition, in the 40th Building Fair, İMSİAD member companies with Bursa made show of body. Efendioğlu Marble, Karkim Construction Chemicals and Black Sea Scaffolding stand in the fair while IMSİAD delegation also awarded these companies with a plaque.

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