LTFM to be used at new airport

The third airport in Istanbul is planned to be opened within the next year. According to the information provided, it is reported that the international codes of the airport planned to be opened are determined. According to the statements made, it is learned that the airport is still the International Air Carriers' Association (IATA code), which is the code of Ataturk Airport. According to the information received, the airport's International Civil Aviation Organization code has been identified as LTFM.


LTFM Placement

The code to be used for the Third Airport was declared to be the International Civil Aviation Organization code used as the LTFM. It was learned that this code including the flight plans made using the four letter codes will be reported to the whole world. Thus the code of the new airport was identified as LTFM. In addition to the information provided by this code is located in the region where the letter L in Turkey, while the letter T announced that expressed Turkey.

Work in Progress

It has been reported that the work for the new airport will continue at full speed and will be completed as soon as possible. Thus, it was announced that they continue to work on the intense flow of air traffic. Funda Ocak, General Manager of the State Airports Authority, announced that the necessary work was done on the intense passage of the air traffic and explained that the studies and simulation works will take 8 weeks in total. This code, which will be used as LTFM, is now available for flight codes and many other codes for the new airport.

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