Live amid beauty in Istanbul Apartments

Living in Istanbul Apartments is like living amidst the beauty. Recently, we made our visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but we were way too confused when it comes to choosing the lodging. Since I and my husband were too fascinated with the old architecture of the city; we were looking out for something similar to make our stay throughout our journey.

We made our stay in Pasha Place apartment and to be honest, we just loved the feeling of staying at the amazing. The place was a complete heaven and given us an insight of the place, of the building located to the adjacent of the building. As we were for a short trip in the city, we made sure that we take in everything and every feeling that are best about the apartment.

Pasha place is one of those apartments that wear the essence of 19th century architecture and is elegant. Every day and every moment we spent in the apartment, we relished the beauty and height of the rooms we were staying at. And the nights were even more beautiful and we tried our best not to leave the apartment and brought in the wine and beer. There was everything we needed in the apartment and even things we couldn’t even have think of.

The lounge of the apartment had a small breakfast table located in the window bay area. The window displayed the perfect scene that one can see in the photo slideshow. The feeling was amazing as we felt more at home and was comfortable. May be the visit lasted for few days; it created a lifetime moments for us. Thanks to the amazing Istanbul apartments for making our trip worthy and we recommend everyone who is obsessed with the vintage building should surely make their stay here.

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