Latest Status And Latest Information In Istanbul Taşkent Houses

Construction of Istanbul Taşkent Houses built by Özyürek construction started in 2008 and completed in 2011. It consists of 5 blocks over 10.000 m2.


The Taşkent Houses located in the province of Esenyurt are located in a very central area by location. These houses, which consist of 232 dairies, were built in 4 different types, 169 m2, 175 m2, 187 m2 and 227 m2. M2, it can be seen that houses have a suitable structure for families.


Taşkent Houses are a very popular project. There are 240 m2 outdoor pool and 16 sqm children pool, covered parking, video security system, children's playground (security camera), parental bathroom, jacuzzi in the bathrooms, fully automatic double elevator, wet floors ceramic and rooms laminate parquet, high heat and sound Insulation, internet and satellite infrastructure, structure suitable for earthquake regulations, green space suitable for landscape architecture and garden are the preferred factors.


You can have these loans with maturity of 120 months with interest rates up to 94%. Due to its central location, Taşkent Houses are very suitable for investment purposes. The current price of the residence is in the following ranges: 169 sqm 3 + 1 apartments with sale price of 625.000 sqm and 675.000 sqm 175 m2 3 + 1 apartments between 650.000 TL and 690.000 TL, 187 sqm 3 + 1 apartments between 680.000 TL and 720.000 TL and 227 M2 4 + 1 apartments have prices between 750.000 TL and 765.000 TL.

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