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The Grand Bazaar, which is known with its history, is one of the most important historical places of Istanbul. The Grand Bazaar with the glitzy Ottoman architecture continue to be a frequented place for many local and foreign tourists due to it is ethnically protected till day.


Today, the Grand Bazaar where is located in Istanbul's cultural center, is in the middle of Beyazit, Nuruosmaniye and Mercan. The Grand Bazaar, which was built to protect the palace's valuable assets during the Ottoman period, attracted the most important financial centers that inspirit to the economic life in terms of commercial.


Structure of Grand Bazaar

In terms of architecture, the Grand Bazaar carries the most important historical signs of Ottoman culture. Grand Bazaar, which has 110 thousand square meters of area, has ​​45 thousand square meters closed area. The Grand Bazaar which is situated ​​on 65 streets has two covered bazaar, sixteen inns and twenty-two gates.


Grand Bazaar Shops

The Grand Bazaar, which keeps the economy alive today, is home to about 6000 shops and it is known that about 25000 people work in these shops. It is thought to be half a million people who visited the Grand Bazaar at the rash hours of the day as a shopping attraction. Due to this feature, the high earnings of the shops are inevitable.

In the world's oldest shopping center, Grand Bazaar, exhibits and sells a variety of products that will appeal to domestic and foreign tourists.

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