Last Year in Turkey, 21 Thousand Foreigners Became Homeowners

Turkey, in terms of geographical and climatic conditions, was also seen by foreign investors in 2016. Last year, 21 thousand 178 foreign nationals, 19 91 houses and 912 parcels were sold mainly in the Gulf countries.

After the publication in the Official Gazette of last week’s decision on the granting of Turkish citizenship to foreigners determined by the related institutions that bought at least $ 1 million worth of real estate, and “not sold for 3 years” to the title deeds registry, the eyes were turned to these investors.



According to the information obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, 8 thousand 796 parcels (land, vineyard, garden, field etc.) and 102 thousand 745 dwellings in the last 10 years in Turkey which is preferred by investors in the Gulf countries and England Thousand 524 foreigners were sold.

According to the General Directorate’s 2016 data, 21 thousand 178 foreign nationals, thousand 912 parcels and 19 thousand 91 houses sold in Turkey with land ownership. In addition, the strangers took out 15 thousand immovables they had received in previous years.

Citizens of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan and England are among the most preferred ones in terms of property acquisition.

Within this scope last year, 3,459 Iraqi, Saudi Arabia thousand 642 thousand, 640 thousand Kuwait, thousand 518 thousand Afghans, 298 thousand of the real estate was sold.

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