Last 340 meters at the Giant Bridge

The linking of the both ends in the Gulf Crossing Bridge 340 meters remained

Consisted from different countries of the world but mostly turkish, nearly 750 workers, working day and night to link the last 340 meters of the both ends of  Gulf Crossing Bridge at 252 meters height.

İzmit Bay Bridge construction which will take the distance between İstanbul and Izmır off to 3,5 hours, is the most important transition point of the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway project .The montage of the last 14 deck which will link both ends of the construction will be completed within 10 days. Just days before finishing to link both ends, almost an army of workers of the United Nations community continues working fearlessly at a height of 252 meters. Involving Italy, Denmark, Germany, Korea, Japan and mostly from Turkey , 750 workers keeping working to finish 1.1 billion dolar Project incessantly.

First asphalt is started to spread over the bridge

One of the most important transition points between Istanbul and Izmır highways, the 2682 meters long Gulf Bridge construction which will ease the traffic on TEM, D-100 and E-130 highways, continues at full steam. Remaining the montage of the last 14 decks to lik the both ends of the Gulf Transition Bridge, the asphalt is started to spread over.The asphalt spreading works continuing swiftly in Altınova Hersek Prominence section.

4500 workers and 1500 construction vehicles worked in total

The construction which was continued day and night will be completed in june 2016 and link with an highway to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is which is now constructing in Istanbul. When the Gulf Project’s all the hihways links were completed,with 427 kilometres length, it will be the longest way which will be completed at once. Nearly 3 years in the ongoing work
about 4500 workers and 1500 constuction vehicles worked in total.

The fourth biggest in the world

When completed with the 1550 meters width, the Gulf Transition Bridge will be the world’s second longest suspension bridge which is located in Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Highway Project. The Project also includes 18212 meters long 30 viaducts, 7395 meters long 4 tunnels, 209 bridges, 18 booking space, 5 highway maintenance center, 7 service area and 7 park spaces.

Last 340 meters to link both ends

The suspension bridge construction chief  Coşkun Kurtuluş gave information about the  Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway Project which will take the distance between Istanbul and Izmir off  to 3,5 hours and the Gulf transition 60 minutes to six minutes.”We started constuction three years ago and we are in the deck montaging phase now.For to link the both ends last 14 decks remain.That means 340 meters.Following 7 days to ten days time we are planning to raise the decks and put them together. Besides an intensive seaming activity is continuing.In the end of next may or beginning of the june we are planning to open to the traffic” he said.

About 750 workers from various countries of the world

The Works on the bridge continuing swiftly said Calıskan.”We have about 750 workers now. Mostly Turkish workers and engineers besides them we have a lot of workers from various countries of the world, Japan,Germany,Denmark,Italian and so forth” he said.

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