Land Was Valued 400 Percent

Gebze-Orhangazi 433 km in length from the beginning of the biggest investment in Turkey in the field of transport, İzmir ( including Osman Gazi Bridge and connecting roads ) Highway Project, blew land prices in Yalova.


Gebze-Orhangazi 433 km in length from the beginning of the biggest investment in Turkey in the field of transport , İzmir ( including Osman Gazi Bridge and connecting roads ) Highway Project , blew land prices in Yalova . Founded on the Izmit Gulf region through which the new road bridge and the bridge has increased the interest of investors. investing in profitable real estate investors appeared to all the towns and villages of Yalova. According to the reconstruction of bridges and access roads located on routes to pass the state land was valued at rates up to 300-400 percent today compared with two years ago.


5 thousand houses will SAUDI EXCHANGE VILLAGE
5 thousand houses in Yalova designing construction plans Beyttürk Chairman Mohammed Uğurcan Barman ” make real estate investments in the region is still very attractive. in land and real estate sales in Yalova We live in a fast movement with the opening of the bridge. Therefore, this period is useful for those who want to get the best assessment of land, “he said.


Beyttürk Construction Chairman of Bahrain and Chairman of the Turkish Business Council Chairman Mohammed Uğurcan Barman , ” We are investing in Yalova as Beyttürk construction . Saudi Arabia’s real estate company, but we did Kimm Huizen 2 billion pounds of cooperation for the project. 5 thousand houses in Yalova we do with our projects, we expect the demand coming from Gulf countries. We will create a new living space on the developing region of Yalova, Bursa way . We plan to start our project within 1 year , both from the Gulf region, we think it will be great interest in the project in our country, ” he said.


Gulf connects two sides
Osman Gazi Bridge, extending up to 427 kilometers from Izmir to Gebze-Orhangazi Gebze-Izmir Highway Project is located in. The suspension bridge that will be installed in the Gulf of Izmit, forming the narrowest part of the bay of Izmit and Yalova Language Pier in Dilovasi township connected to the district Altınova among Herzegovina nose. The 1550 mid-span suspension bridge, the width of 35.93 meters and a total length will be 2,682. Suspension bridge, ranks fourth in the world in terms of length. 113 units are taking place on the bridge, of course. When the project is completed, the Istanbul-Izmir highway bridges and 140 km from shortened. This results in about 8-10 hours duration of existing transport landed at 3.5-4 hours. With the completion of this project Istanbul-Bursa transportation fell 2.5-3 hours to 1 hour. transitional period according to transportation alternatives, 1 hour and 20 minutes to pass using the path with the current car, while the 45-60 minute ferry crossing, 12 km of the planned transition and landed 6 minutes. Gebze-Orhan veterans-Bursa-Balikesir-Izmir highway made the Edirne-Kinali-Istanbul-Ankara Motorway, Izmir-combined with Aydin Motorway Marmara region, was connected with the motorway network in the Aegean region. traffic load on the axle opening Izmit Gebze Anatolian Project is expected to decrease by 30 percent.

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