Land Load is Mitigated in Property Tax

Finance Minister Ağbal, gave information about the work done on the property tax.


Estate Tax on providing information about the new regulations announced by Minister Naji Ağba an d adds more: “the new era will fall 1 to 2 percent of the land registry fees. Valuation to be obtained from the municipal authority, duties will be taken down, “he said.


Finance Minister Naji Ağbal  stated that they map out Turkey ‘s real estate, land registration fees together with the amendments to the Real Estate Tax in the new period gave the message that they lowered from 2 percent to 1 percent. Ağbal said the business valuation appraiser in the new era or commissions they want to do with ingenuity to Edirne province, covering all the pain, he said it would be compatible with a real estate map of the binder.


Finance Minister Ağbal told the details of the work related to the Real Estate Tax. Last Council of Ministers also specifies that Ağbal assessment on this issue, said the hands of municipal property tax made ​​detection method is not true. Ağbal adds “Some municipalities fair value of keeping low to the confrontation with the selection. Does not receive tax should take. For example Istanbul Sultanbeyli” where growing industry, commerce flourishes, the economy is growing” saying that municipalities collect the parcel. Raises the value. Here is a lone citizen who” he said.


Ağbal explain that: “Municipalities are getting lower fees for the fair value of the land show low, I can not get the money I need to collect,” said Ağbal said the real estate industry has become the hidden income.


They tried putting Turkey’s real estate map the way which says Ağbal and said more: ” separate cities release the property value is different even opposite side of the same street. We are in this business of taking the municipal call Land Registry and Cadastre General Directorate the power to let. You do Officials licensed appraiser you get competent specialists.The pain from Edirne compliant real estate map to be produced. This will be binding for everyone “

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