Kuzu Holding Will Make Investment Worth 1.5 Billion In 10 Years

Kuzu Holding has made real estate investment worth 500 million TL in 5 years and now the company is planning to invest 1 billion in 5 years. Kuzu Holding entered the real estate sector in 2011 and developed its first project in 2012. The CEO of the Holding Company Selim Kuzu said: “My works with my own company in Almanya are continuing. We are developing the project which involves 102 blocks about the urban transformation in Berlin. We entered to the Turkish markets through the consultancy services. Then, we built our own company in 2011 and we started to develop our projects. “

Kuzu also explained they were Hilton’s franchising partner at the beginning and they followed the strategy of investing in regions with development potential. They focused on İzmir, Çanakkale and Eskişehir.


Our Projects Will Continue!

Selim KUZU said their investments reached to the 500 million TL until today. They planned to continue the investments in Çanakkale, İzmir and Eskişehir. Kuzu Holding will build a hotel before the bridge project in Çanakkale. The company’s 5 year strategic plan involves the intense investments in İzmir-Çeşme-Urla areas. The lands were bought and more lands will be purchased. The total investments amount will reach to the 1.5 billion. İstanbul doesn’t take place in the company’s investment plans.

The Real Estate Sector and the Construction Sector are Different

Kuzu emphasized that the real estate sector and the construction sector seemed as the same sectors in Turkey. He said: “There is a lot of building company in Turkey but the number of the real estate companies is not too many. “

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