Korkut Ozdemir: Hundreds In The Construction Sector In 2017

Director General of Istanbul Landscape Architecture Renovation of cities Construction Inc Korkut Ozdemir: In 2016, there was a decline in the construction sector, as well as in all sectors.

Korkut Ozdemir, the general director of the Istanbul Department of Urban Construction transformation noted that the stagnation in the construction sector, as well as in other sectors observed in 2016, to be replaced by large growth and recovery in 2017.


Also in his speech CEO of Istanbul Urban Transformation Construction Landscape Architecture Inc. said that their company has carried out many important projects in the construction sector, but that 2016 is the year when uncertainty and pessimism throughout the world and Turkey increased significantly, and throughout the year there was continuous stagnation both in the global economy and in the Turkish Economic sector.

According to Korkut Ozdemir, the stagnation in the economic sector of Turkey was largely due to the unpleasant events associated with the attempted coup, the tension in relations with Russia, the war in the neighboring region and the cross-border military operation of Turkey.


However, Korkut Ozdemir noted that the construction sector is the locomotive of Turkey's economic growth, and it is from it that further growth will begin. Ozdemir believes that the construction sector will account for a large share in growth in 2017 and that investments in the public sector will increase.

"There will be a revival and acceleration in the construction sector in 2017. The state also makes every effort to encourage this process through support mechanisms, especially fast and effective steps. The atmosphere of tranquility in domestic and foreign policy will be positively reflected in the economy during the year. "

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