Jewellers Want To Be Involved In The System

Jewellers evaluated the Gold Fund and Gold Based Rent Certificate applications. They want the citizens to be involved to this system through the jewellers. Deputy Prime Minister Mehmet Simsek had explained that the citizens would earn some extra profits from their golds under the pillow through the gold bond and gold based rent certificate. The specialists told that the related system would provide opportunities for extra earnings and also the economy will gain momentum as a result of the system. But the sector authorities warned the jewellers to be informed before being included in the system.


Gold Banking will Develop

President of Istanbul Jewellery Room Norayr Isler said that the Gold Fund and the Gold Based Rent Certificate was important for the developing of the gold banking in Turkey. Isler, highlighted that the jewellery sector had to be in this system. He suggested that the under pillow accumulates may be included to the financial system through jewellers over the POS device. Thus, they can be integrated into the system. 40.000 artisans may merge for this purpose and create a synergy. By this method, the gold accumulates under the pillow can be transferred to the system more quickly and healthy.

This System is Useful for Long-Term

Gold and Money Market specialist Islam Memis said that this system would be useful for the long-period investment. Memis also told that in order to avoid some damages, these transactions hadn’t to be done at the banks; this must be done through the jewellers. According to Memis, the banks must cooperate with the jewellers and this is better for the gold investment system.

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