Istanbul Properties seem no way to get down on the list

And the another years has marked its beginning and still the prediction made for the Istanbul properties, to benefit the investors, seem no way to be proved wrong.

The prices of the Istanbul properties are still rising with a high rate with every coming year and the prediction that was made in the year 2015, asserting on the fact that Istanbul is the hottest markets for 2015 has no doubt has been proven true and it seems that the fact has been taken forward even in the year 2016.

The fact reported by Knight Frank Wealth Report in the year 2015 has asserted that the property sales in Turkey rose by 42.7 % by every year and Istanbul has been the leading place with average 23,197 homes sold last year, which is larger in the number of the properties sold in the capital city of Ankara which was somewhere 14,000 in numbers.

The reason for such a rising of the property sold in the city has led many foreign investors make their way to the city and raise double to their investment made on the properties. No wonder the foreign demand has raised up to 14.7 % in the month of April, last year.

The foreign investment is done for two purposes, to get higher rates of the return of the investment and for the personal use. The gulf citizens are finding this place an ideal area of investment as Istanbul mix well with the culture and lifestyle of the gulf region.

The rising rate of the Istanbul property has been covered by many top magazines with the prediction made that the place is likely to earn a huge return on the investment which seems to come true even in the opening year of 2016.

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