Istanbul is The Number One in Real Estate

2016 datas given by Land Registry and Cadastre about real estate. According to this datas, 1 million 567 thousand 295 office and dwelling house sold. Istanbul is the number one of the list.




Istanbul Creates Interest in Real Estate

Day by day, rate of investment and purchasing house increases in İstanbul. In İstanbul, people need house, residence, working place or office for making investment Ministry of Environment and Urbanization prepared a report on the real estate sector in Turkey. Ministry, made an explanation for prepared report. According to Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s datas, İstanbul shows the highest results about selling of house and office.


Number One is İstanbul in One Million Sales

Environment and Urban Development Minister Mehmet Özhaseki’s explanation shows that 1 million 567 thousand 295 office location and house were sold in 2016. This report proof that İstanbul is the number one, Hakkâri is the last one in real estate in Turkey.  According to this report, there are 278 thousand 353 buying and selling in İstanbul at last year. Prepared list according to Turkish real estate market shows that Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Antalya have a big share after İstanbul in selling results. There are 163 thousand 62 in Ankara, 67 thousand 260 in Antalya, 94 thousand 499 in İzmir and 60 thousand 411 in Bursa hand change. According to Mehmet Özhaseki’s talking about real estate, some provinces have bad results like Hakkâri, Şırnak, Bayburt and Ardahan.



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