Istanbul, a new center for foreigners investment

Lately, the authorities have revealed that Istanbul has become a new center when it comes to investing in properties based in Europe, especially for the investors from the Arab Gulf side.

The area that is seeking the interest of investors the most is the district that covers Takism square to Atatürk International Airport, as it has been reported by Anadolu Agency making it as the most preferred area to invest real estate in Istanbul.

The Turkish Statistical Institute recently released an Index that displays that in the first half of 2015, the rate of the property purchased by the foreigners has risen by 22% and as compared to the last year’s rate, the property owned by the foreigners has risen by 36% in the same year. It also has been stated by the experts that the foreigners when seeking to buy property in Istanbul, prefer central locations, housing projects, and residential area, presented by infamous brands.

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