Is Urban Increases Conversion Rates?

Price increases are not dropped from the agenda. Draws attention to the high increase in housing sales and rental prices second-hand housing prices are also rising.


Cushman & Wakefield ‘s ” Turkey Housing: Housing Bubble” report also pointed to price increases and price analyzes the cause of the shooting. The analysis made in the report was adopted beginning of 2010 despite the continuous increase in housing sales and rental prices, after 2013 this increase is said to be clearer. Housing prices on the rise in recent years to be effective regulatory hatırlatılırken, KDV change these regulations came into force in 2013 and especially 6306 which came into force in May 2012 ranked as the No. Urban Transformation Law.


The report demands the return of investors who want to participate in the urban renewal of the building, which will increase the value of the conversion process 2. Displaying the cause of the increase in existing home prices. However, the report says the temporary housing needs of the remaining homes have to change the subject by the effects of urban transformation which led to an increase in rent.


Why Prices are rising?
“Turkey Housing: Housing Bubble” report revealing the reasons for the price increases, share the data regarding the rate of increase. Here’s the remarkable analysis forward in the report…


– In the last five years, house prices and rents recorded continuous growth, especially in the last two years seem to accelerate in the 2nd -hand housing sales and rental growth . In particular, new legal regulations that have an impact on the housing market, it seems KDV growth and the urban transformation process is closely related to both price and sales volume.


– 2 of the home sales price and rental growth rate is seen doubled in the last five years. In this case the urban renewal activities increased by 2 hand the demand for housing will increase and the reconstruction of buildings destroyed by a process of temporary relocation can be associated with the activities stimulate the rental market.


– 2. 15 percent of home sales price in the year 2010-11 , 2012-13 and 27 percent in the last two years ( 2014-15 ) gaining speed while showing an increase of 38 percent.


– Last 5 years, per capita income increased by 67 percent, 84 percent and 2 show hand rents , housing prices increased 105 percent. On the other hand, new housing prices rising 58 percent.


– Based on the maximum price increase in 2012 in Istanbul, Adana, Istanbul and the Antalya, price seems to have almost doubled. Again not only the price of housing in these cities , rents are also on the rise.


– On the basis of 2012, the district most of the sales price increase is seen twice . Kadikoy concentration of urban renewal activities, Bağcılar, Sarıyer, rents and sales as well as in Zeytinburnu district on the rise and this rise become even more obvious , especially last year. Moreover the new district of Umraniye,  Büyükçekmece Eyup, Çekmeköy The district is also among the most increased sales prices.


– Only if considering the growth rates of 2015, some districts is remarkable that the rent increase above the rate of home sales price. In particular, the concentrations of urban renewal activities Kadıköy, Bağcılar, Bakırköy, Zeytinburnu district as it comes to the foreground and rising rents . Also, Kadıköy and Üsküdar, as well as Eyup, Fatih, Tuzla and rents and sales prices as well as Atasehir Istanbul shows an increase above the average. Not only it is focusing on urban renewal of the district where, in developing counties is increasing demand for both sale and rental market is reflected in the growth rate.

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