Is the Land Title Of The Property You Want To Buy Clean?

In real estate sales, even though there is information about the physical structure of the buyer's real estate, this information may not cover the land title registry.

For example; 'Risky buildings' statements that are being processed for the destruction of old buildings and construction of new buildings in the context of urban transformation are concerned about those who want to buy real estate in these structures. Especially in the old settlements, people may not pay attention to the 'old artifact' and 'site area' annotations on the real estate they are buying. At this point, Strong Deed, which is in effect, helps the individual buyer securely buy real estate as a professional support to protect the buyer.


The encumbrances that can be found in real estate purchases during the title registry and the risks that may occur are confronted as an important issue. If the title deed is not reviewed by the buyer in full detail, it can carry the potential risks against each buyer. In fact, banks and financial institutions, appraisal reports, professional support services, etc. are trying to eliminate the risks related to real estate, which is the loan guarantee, in order to minimize these risks. But it is not easy to master these details in individual purchases. FU Real Estate, which designed land title with this and similar reasonable, contributes to the smooth and reliable purchase of real estate to be acquired. The FU is identifying the risks that could pose a risk to real estate before it starts to buy.

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