Is It 120 Months Or 240 Months For The Housing Loan?

Real Estate Housing REIT has made agreements with banks and 240 months housing loan campaign has been issued. 9 Agreements with the Bank Real Estate you have the possibility to buy housing from housing projects. You have the advantage of 240 months maturity housing loan that you can get from 240 month housing project. This 240-month housing campaign is not valid for other housing units. The interest rate applied on the 240-month housing credit is very high compared to the interest rate applied for 120 months. 100 thousand pounds to be used in a housing loan 93 thousand pounds interest is paid. By calculating your salary that will increase over the years instead of fixed payments, you can adjust your salary to your installment amount at a later time and you are able to finish your payments earlier and in a more profitable way.


There is a mobilization in the sale of housing with the regulation of Value Added Tax in the newly constructed housing credit. Because the mobility that will be experienced in the construction sector contributes to the economy of the country incredibly. In the case of the sale of houses spread over 20 years, how many people will be homeowners will think about how the construction companies will benefit from the profit making the new residential projects and creating new jobs.

Under normal conditions a 20% down payment is required to be able to withdraw a mortgage, while a 15% payout can be delayed by paying 5% on this campaign. It is possible to become a residence owner by paying for 20 years with payment facilities in 240 months. If you want to be a short-term homeowner with less money, you can pay less interest by choosing it in short periods.

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