‘Investment Program’ Included 3 New Airports

3 new airport projects are included to the investment program.


Development Ministry Demanded


Regarding Development Ministry’s 26 December 2016 dated E.9696 no act and Transportation, Maritime and Information Ministry’s acts delivered to the committee, it has been decided that 240 million TL budgeted Yozgat Airport, 160 million TL budgeted Karaman Airport and Dеvlеt Hаvа Mеydаnlаrı İşlеtmеsi (DHMİ – National Airfields Enterprises) Headquarters’ 175 million budgeted `New Tokat Airport Construction` project have been decided to be included to the investment program.



Ak Parti Tokat Member of Parliament Announced


New Tokat Airport Project had been announced by Ak Parti Tokat Member of Parliament Zeyid Aslan via Twitter. He stated as, “High Planning Committee (Yuksek Planlama Kurulu – YPK) included to the investment program. I hope it conduces to goodness.” in his social media account.


Aslan continued his explanation with these words; “We could not conclude the New Airport Project since we could also not include the project to the investment plan for around 3-4 years. Expropriation of the new airport was made by the DHIM’s own budget instead of the general budget. You cannot take place in investment business without an investment program. Including the new airport project to the investment program was the last barrier. From now on, the process will be progressing rapidly.”


On the other hand, 455 estate’s expropriation process among approximately 2 thousand 200 decare land around the towns named Songut and Cerci located nearby the present airport planned as the base for the new Tokat airport construction, have been completed.

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