Investment Means Are Unfolded For Turkey İn 2016 Cnr Estate Expo

The most important leading firms and great projects were participated during the  4th CNR Estate EXPO which has become the center of attention between 17-20 November 2016 in Istanbul.

The 4th CNR Estate EXPO was visited by 22.884 guests.

Besides the Middle East Countries, Russia and Iran showed keen interest to the 4th CNR Estate EXPO. Especially the residential estate were purchased by foreign clients and it made happy the firms which were contributed the CNR Estate EXPO.

Keen Interest on Urban Transformation Projects

Especially the foreign clients exposed keen interest on urban transformation projects. Some projects were mainly participated only presentation of their workshop, but they accomplished to be the centre of attract in the 4th CNR Estate EXPO. So the foreign buyers insisted on purchasing and take part in these projects.


CNR Istanbul Estate Summit Subject: Now, The Time Invest in Turkey

This year the first CNR Istanbul Estate Summit was picked up as the part of the  4th CNR Estate EXPO. Nearly 200 guest from other countries participated in the summit.  There was a extended interest on summit. The subject of summit was “Now, The Time Invest in Turkey.” During the summit the new trends in construction in the World and Turkey, outlook to real-estate sector issues were also held by contributors.

The 4th CNR Estate EXPO augmented the investments means for Turkey Estate Sector and it continued to be the centre of attraction of domestic and foreign estate firms.

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