Investment Applications Accelerated

Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi stated that the legislation reforms have been issued in the last few months pave the way for investors and increased the new investment applications. Zeybekçi expressed the situation with these words; “The applications are mainly in advanced technology and energy technologies areas. We want to spread the project based support system through Turkey.”


Project Based Support


Zeybekçi answered the journalists’ questions about the next period. When a question asked about the raw vegetable trade between Turkey and Russia the Economy Minister answered as, “We want to make available all the ways for the raw vegetable and fruit trade, but at the moment it is partly available. We want to discuss a comprehensive commercial.” Zeybekçi also stated that they want to spread the Project Based Support system in whole country in this terms, too.


Exchange Rate Effect is Weak


When Zeybekçi was asked about the developments in exchange rates, explained that the exchange rate has many effects on the subject, but the effect is not permanent. Zeybekçi stated that evaluating the exchange rate with the highest value is against mathematical approach and Turkey has not been under the risk of not fulfilling the obligations. Economy Minister also added that, the high application level of 50 thousand Lira amounting interest free boost provided by KOSGEB to the entrepreneurs is a clear indicator of the mentioned situation and they will be evaluating increasing the amount if it is possible. Zeybekçi also expressed that they will be encouraging using Turkish Lira in  at least 15% of exports.


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