Invested 1 Billion Dollars In Istanbul

The Saudi company Akzirve Real Estate is investing a total of $ 1 billion for Ambarlar, Bahcesehir and hotel projects in Istanbul.

Akzirve Real Estate in Al Qemam, based in Saudi Arabia, attracted attention with its big projects in Zeytinburnu Ambarlar and Bahcesehir. İbrahim Maasfeh, CEO of Akzirve Gayrimenkul, noted that they invested $ 1 billion in two big projects in Istanbul and a hotel construction in Harbiye, as a reliable result of Turkey.


According to Fikret cengel, a Turkish newspaper, Maasfeh said that he wanted to grow especially in the real estate and energy sectors, reminding him that Al Qemam, which is the source of construction materials and investments in the land in Turkey, also invested in logistics and tourism areas.

Maasfeh stating that they signed a different concept with the STRADA project consisting of 2,600 independent units and 3 blocks in Bahcesehir and that they won the taste of consumers; And that they will present a reference work in the "premium" category with the Zeytinburnu Ambarlar project they planned to launch in September this year.

Maasfeh stated that in 2014 he bought the land for 250 million dollars from the Istanbul Transportation Warehousing Operation Cooperative, saying: '' There were 245 rights holders in the cooperative. It cost us about 1 million dollars for each one of us. Hold on, we understand each and every one. We bought cash for someone who wanted a house and who bought a house. Now we are carrying out a new logistics facility in Hadımköy with a investment of 200 million TL. "

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