International Investment Position Deficit Exceeds 400 Billion Dollars

Investments accomplished in a country are very important to take into consideration for assessment of the general economic situation in the relevant country.


In this context, it is essential to be appealing for international investment to be deemed as a competitive economy in world’s standards. In this context, it is a “must” to assess Turkey in terms of international investment standards.


International investment position deficit” refers to international obligations like investments and external credits of foreigners in Turkey that are not met by external assets. It is reported that Turkey’s international investment position deficit exceeds 406.2 billion dollars with 13.5 % increase in the first four month term. This number is emphasized as an increase from 357.9 billion dollars at the end of 2016.

In the comparison of international investment position deficit with other years, the value at the end of 2002 is highlighted as 85 billion 453 million dollars. This number is introduced as being more than tripled up to the end of 2007 period having the number of 315 dollars. By 2008 second half, a decrease has been emphasized with the number of 202 billion 876 million dollars. The international investment position deficit is introduced to increase 27.5 percent compared to the data present at the end of 2009.


It is always to be remembered that national production should be in a balanced proportion with international investments. A country can not survive economically if that country can not convert its internal sources to production. A “dependent-economy” is not good for any country.

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