Infrastructure Investments In Turkey Will Not Decelerate

Deloitte Turkey announced ‘Public Sector 2016 Evaluation and 2017 Expectations’. Assessment shows that as much as in the world as it is for Turkey in 2016, many institutional structures and standards in the public sector, such as in all sectors, need to be revisited in the legislative, governance and human resource headings.

According to Deloitte, the most important expectation in 2017 is the continuation of a management approach that supports the steps to be taken in order to ensure the safety, reliability and functioning of the institutions as soon as possible. The central and local governance principles that focus on the expectations and needs of the citizens to be supported by concrete actions and to continue to take reliable steps to attract investment of value added infrastructure and technology to Turkey is considered as one of the priorities of 2017. In addition, a management mentality based on loyalty and performance is a crucial issue in 2017 that should be emphasized in all public institutions.

Large Infrastructure Investments Will Continue

According to Deloitte’s assessment, large infrastructure investments in Turkey will continue without slowing down. The need to manage different projects under a large number of investment programs in harmony with one another and with centralized program management understanding and structuring will become increasingly important. The need to support these infrastructure investments with different financing methods such as public-private partnerships and the feasibility and impact analysis studies of these financing methods will be more intense on public institutions in the coming year.

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