In Which Situations, How Is The Tenant Being Evicted By The Landlord?


Tenancy agreement a written agreement between the tenant and the landlord is held for at least 1 year. This Agreement must be notarized in order to become an official state. With a lease agreement, both parties are connected with each other. The law is more powerful more mindful of the rights of the landlord to the tenant.


Under normal conditions, when the period of the tenancy agreement is over, the tenant voluntarily or suffered by the landlord pursuant to the notary public protest 15 days ago, evacuate the house. Otherwise, the contract is assumed to continue under the same conditions. However, some of the law specified in the contract, unless specified by the tenant gives the landlord the right to evict.


According to the Law on Real Estate Leases numbered 6570, filled in the first 10 years housing tenants they can be evicted without cause.

Apart from this, the owner of the house and their first degree relatives was a need to reside in the home of one of, if the landlord may request eviction by sending a cease and desist letter from a month ago.


Also if the house is sold, the new owner can send it a pink slip. If housing is going to be undergoing a huge renovation, you may be asked to evacuate. However, when the renovation is over, if the home owner wants to rent the home again the old tenant must ask first. If your home is destroyed due to urban renewal, the tenant is obliged to vacate already.


If the tenant paid his rent on time twice or apartment receives a demerit, even though participation costs has been refused, the case can be evacuated by opening the eviction by the landlord. If the tenant have within the limits of this city and in a position to sit on another house, at any time the landlord can bring an eviction case.

Finally, the tenant, if the landlord gave a commitment undated evacuation, the landlord throwing the tenant may be evicted by this undertaking to date.

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