In March Happened A Decrease In Interest Rates Of Mortgage Loan

In March happened a decrease in interest rates of mortgage loan 

According to the Analyst of Hesapkurdu mortgage loan Gokce Colak; ‘when compared with the interest rates in February 2016,there is seen a little decrease in mortgage loan rates in March 2016. Gokce Colak says that if there wont be any important changes in politics and the economy the rates of the mortgage loan are expected to remain over 1 percent for a while.


The best mortgage loan interest rate in March is monthly 1,10 percent in a 120 month term

The rates which are offered by the banks through Hesapkurdu are prepared in a fundamentally analyse.Its seen that the best interest rate in March is 1,10 percent.Besides the discounts and special offers there is being made a calculation of an amount of 100 thousand TL for mortgage loan which offers the best prices for the consumers.


The banks which give the best mortgage loan interest rates 

In a questioning of a 100 thousand TL credit and a 10 year term are these 3 banks in a row the ones with the best offers.ICBC Turkey 1,10 percent ,Finansbank 1,12 percent and TEB 1,15 percent. The best average interest rate seems to be 1,20 percent when the offers of the banks and financial firms who give mortgage loans are analysed.

In this situation appears an interest difference of 10 basis points between the best interest rate in March.When compared with the credit costs, there is a 8.626 TL cost of difference between the average market and the best interest rate for a 100 thousand TL credit and a 10 year term.

In summary, the ones who reached the best rate in March did compare the banks and made researches to make a profit of 8 thousand TL.


A 3 base point increase happened in mortgage loan interest rates the last 3 months

Analyzing the development of a 3 month mortgage loan interest rate for a 12 month term in the process from January to March, can be seen that the 1,07 percent interest increases 0,03 percent points and reaches up to 1,10 percent in March.We can see also by cost rates a 0,03 percent change.

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